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The full advent of Internet era, particularly the development of the mobile Internet era will usher in another great business development opportunity. As a traditional distribution based regional headquarter of Yangzhou, Jiangsu, Huiyin Household Appliances entered into e-commerce rapidly. Huiyin e-business development consists of seven components:

First, entering into third-party platform, open flagship stores on the platform, we have set up more than a dozen outlets on Tianmao, Amazon, Jingdong giant platform.

Second, collaborating with upstream suppliers, open flagship stores on the platform; entering into a comprehensive network sale through manufacturers’ authorization.

Third, we have built Huiyin Lehu network ( platform; it is a self-built integrated business platform with B2B \\\\ B2C \\\\ O2O \\\\ moblie and internet.

Four, B2B mode: product distribution for more than 2,700 boutiques, online brand on Huiyin network, product distribution for online B2B platform; and cooperation with Alibaba’s B2B e-commerce.

Fifth, B2C mode: combine our company's household appliances supply chain advantage and Yangzhou local product advantage to sell in self-built platform-Lehu and third-party platforms.

Six, O2O mode: offline outlets survive through quality products, select superior products and service to synchronize online and offline; realize truly integration between online and offline.

Seven, Mobile Internet mode, overall Internet business is gradually transiting to mobile Internet currently. We will develop comprehensive mobile Internet tools to promote the development of mobile e-commerce.

In short, Huiyin e-commerce aims to build into the most influential O2O mobile e-commerce operator in China.