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To employees:

You have joined Huiyin Group luckily; we also have the opportunity to get your cooperation. You will spend years of your work in the company on the basis of trust; understanding and trust are bridges and links of happy work.
Entering Huiyin does not mean high pay, because the company pays is based on the contribution, and responsibility. If you are open, good at learning experience from others, working with others, progress upon basis provided by others. Practice is the foundation for improving your level, it fully tests your deficiencies, only by explosion, can you progress. Practice is very important, especially for young students. Only after practice, induct and summarize with a theory, will you improve greatly. There is a saying: a company with no records will die sooner or later.
I hope you can drop the illusion of quick learning, learn practical spirit from Japanese, meticulous spirit from Germany. If you want to improve the effectiveness, benefits, you have to concentrate on a limited work surface, otherwise it is difficult to realize practice makes perfect. Work into it, you will have interests naturally. We want to create a group of diligence, motivation, operational and management ability.
The company will never promote a person without grass-roots experiences. Follow the principle of gradual and orderly progress; every aspect of your life has a huge significance, you have to treat every piece of work very seriously, accumulate your records. Respect your current leaders, although you also have the ability, even stronger. Otherwise, your future subordinates will not respect you. Put forward your suggestions with analysis and system, you are an educated person, hasty proposal is not only irresponsible for yourself, but also a waste of people's time.
HR vision is: a genius lead a group of talents
Please believe that every person next to you is at least as good as you or even better.
Therefore, if you want to have success in Huiyin, you must make full use of your abilities.
Try to be better, smarter, work harder, more creative every day.