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20 Principles

1: not one’s own direct contribution, but contribution to others’ work;
2. don’t wait for problems, but predict, prevent problems;
3. don’t solve problems one by one, but in system
4. don’t blame, but guide, help, and cultivate subordinates
5. it‘s not about your acknowledge, but make others understand.
6. it’s not about what you have said or how many times you have said, it’s  what others can hear from you
7. it’s not about what you have learned, it’s what you have used, and its value.
8. it’s not about your order, but subordinates’ action and change through the way the message you sent
9. it’s not a simple ”no” or “can’t”, but try to say “yes” or “I can”
10. it’s not what you have done, but what level you have done, and what effect you have made.
11. it’s not what you have reported, but how and the results.
12. It’s not what report you have heard, but what kind of suggestions you can give according to reported problems.
13. Don’t wait for jobs, but look for important jobs that in accordance with company benefits and individual value.
14. don’t complain for why you are ignored, but think deeply on how to get more attention
15. it’s not about correct something first, but make it clear what is your mistake, and the reasons, as well as the value of correcting it.
16. don’t explain or even refute the criticism, but question yourself first, whether you have a problem or the reason that causes the misunderstanding.
17. When you have to criticize others, don’t criticize first, but check the facts seriously.
18. it’s not give answers to simple questions, but think deeply for core problems.
19. it’s not give answers to wrong questions, but make sure what kind of problems you are meeting, and how to deal with it.
20. it’s not just finish some task simply, but make conditions for finishing all tasks smoothly.