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New Employee Training   Performance Improvement Training   External Cooperation Training

Every new employee in Huiyin must undergo pre-service trainings, new recruits need to participate in a unified closed training in headquarters, every new employee has to go through the system level and experience level.

"System Level"-- Ministry of Personnel and Training will help employees understand the company's rules and regulations, chairman's speech of "To the employees", behaviors, etiquette requirements and indoctrination of specifications and service awareness, meanwhile other departments will help new employees understand workflow and standards.

"Experience Level" ---It requires employees to work in specific positions to experience and master appropriate skills.


Each department must organize studies aiming at business skills and company development needs for every employee in different positions to learn once a week.

Gain new knowledge through reviewing the old, we should absorb "new knowledge" constantly while consolidating existing knowledge, form good ways of thinking and behaviors.


Basing on management idea of "integrate social resources, win-win cooperation", Huiyin is attaching great importance to cooperation and training with external manufactures. Huiyin communicated with Siemens, AO Smith, LG, Sharp and other world-renowned enterprises. Such "cultural penetration" is better than "capital penetration" and other forms, it strengthens strategic partnership among manufacturers, meanwhile training experience from senior management to grassroots level will make cooperation with manufacturers more smooth and success.