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Non-executive Director
Mr. Cao Kuanping (Chairman and CEO)
The founder of the Group, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of our Company, is responsible for our overall sales, marketing, development and strategic planning. Mr. Cao has extensive experience in the home appliances and consumer electronic products industry for close to 15 years. Prior to the establishment of Yangzhou Huiyin in 2002, Mr. Cao was the General Manager of both Yangzhou Jiaojiadian and Yangzhou Guangling District Huiyin Trading Co., Ltd. respectively, both of which were involved in the business of home appliances. In 2009, Mr. Cao obtained his executive MBA under the Tsinghua Executive MBA Program which is a part-time programme launched by Tsinghua University.


Mr. Mo Chihe
Mr. Mo is responsible for treasury management, cash management, and investment project. He also works together with the chief financial officer on certain accounting aspects of the Group. Mr. Mo has been with Huiyin since the establishment of Yangzhou Huiyin in May 2002 and is also a director of Yinrui HK and Yangzhou Huiyin. He has close to 10 years of experience in home appliances and consumer electronic products industry and in financial management. Mr. Mo obtained a high diploma in planning and statistics of economic trading from Jiangsu Agricultural College (currently known as Agricultural College of Yangzhou University) in 1992 as well as the qualification of corporate accountant approved by Ministry of Personnel of the PRC in May 1997 and conferred by Ministry of Finance of the PRC in May 1997.
Mr. Mao Shanxin
Mr. Mao is responsible for overall supervision and management of the Company’s franchising operation. Mr. Mao joined our Group since inception. He was responsible for overseeing the operation of our warehouse and distribution department and after-sales services department and was a manager of our bulk distribution business, audit manager, and the manager of our head office. Mr. Mao is also a director of Yinrui HK. He completed Advanced Training Course of Project Management for CEO of Contemporary Enterprises), a part-time course launched by Tsinghua University in 2003, as well as the studying of the Core Course of Business Administration (MBA) which is a part-time course launched by Nanjing University 2009.
Mr. Wang Zhijin (CFO)
Mr. Wang is responsible for the overall financial management and investors’ relationship management. Mr. Wang joined our Group as the chief financial officer of our Company in July 2008. Mr. Wang is a member of The Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants with over 10 years experience in finance and accounting. Mr. Wang was employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers as a junior auditor in 1998, and was subsequently promoted to audit manager. Prior to joining us in 2008, Mr. Wang was appointed in December 2006 as chief financial officer and assistant to the chairman of directors of Kingdom Holdings Limited (stock code: 528), which is a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange. Mr. Wang obtained his bachelor degree in accounting from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in June 1998.
Mr. Lu Chaolin
Mr. Lu is a vice general manager of the Company currently, is in charge of the overall management of the Group’s corporate clients. He joined the Company’s predecessor, Yangzhou Huiyin Guangling District Jiaojiadian Wholesale Station as deputy general manager in 1999 and Yangzhou Huiyin Household Appliance Co., Ltd. as deputy general manager since its establishment in May 2002. Mr. Lu is the legal representative of Yangzhou Hengxin Air-conditioner Sales Co., Ltd, Yangzhou Huide Electronics Distribution Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Huize Household Appliance Sales Co., Ltd, respectively. Mr. Lu was appointed as a director of Yangzhou Huiyin Household Appliance Co., Ltd., and China Yinrui (HK) Investment Holding Company Limited, both are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company, on 6 April 2010 and 6 May 2010 respectively. He attended and completed a 384-hour Training Course of Business Administration and Management of Chief Executives launched by the School of Continuing Education of Tsinghua University, and comprised 160-hour physical attendance study and 224-hour long distance study. He also completed a nine-month MBA Core Course, Executive Development Programs launched by Nanjing University in September 2009.