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Year Development course

First enterprise, Yangzhou Huiyin, was established in Yangzhou

2003 Set strategic focus on the third and fourth-tier markets in the PRC well ahead of the peers and adopted the development policy of first establishing its Self-operated Store which is then followed by Franchised Store openings in the relatively more populated surrounding rural areas
First Self-operated Store, Jiangdu Jianhang store, commenced operation in   Yangzhou
First Self-operated Service Centre commenced operation in Yangzhou
First Franchised Store commenced operation in Hanjiang
First Authorised Service Centre commenced operation in Yizheng
2004 Flagship store, Yangzhou store, commenced operation in Yangzhou
2006 First Self-operated Store outside Jiangsu province, Tianchang store, established in  Tianchang, Anhui province
2007 Acquired the entire equity interest in Changzhou Keyi which was granted the bulk distribution rights of Gree air-conditioners in Changzhou
Distribution and logistic centre of approximately 13,746 sq.m. commenced operation in Yangzhou

2009 Huiyin appointed as an authorised distributor under the Rural Appliance Relate Program
Huiyin appointed as an authorised distributor and recycling enterprise under the Change of the Old for New Program
2010 It was listed in Hong Kong in March, 2010
2011 engaged in ecommerce in 2011
The project of O2O community electric service platform has been started in 2014