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Huiyin O2O community life services platform set sail

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Service for people    Entrepreneurial achievement
Huiyin O2O community life services platform set sail

On Nov. 5 afternoon, Huiyin Lehu net held a grand press conference in Baodai community. Huiyin announced the opening of its first community life services platform in Baodai community, and highlighted its main service functions, network plan and the importance of improving people's livelihood in the future. Responsible comrades of Yangzhou Federation of the Disabled, Yangzhou Welfare Fund for the Handicapped, Yangzhou Agricultural Commission, Huiyin Luhu net, Wenchang community, Baodai community as well as numerous representatives from all walks of life attended the conference. Major media have done live special reports for the conference.
In the conference, leader of lehu net project introduced the main features of community life services platform in detail. The platform is based on the community, covering the entire community, aiming to be convenient, favorable and affectionate for people; meet the daily needs of community residents. In the future, as long as the customer get on Huiyin Lehu net at home, you can experience the vegetables sent from farms to the table, free home appliance maintenance and repair as well as other services, Huiyin APP shopping is not only cheap, but also enjoys integrals, the amount of integrals can be used to pay property charges, utilities and digital television. At the same time, it also provides a unified customer service phone, residents can choose pick-up or delivery service, the entire experience will be very flexible, convenient and fast. In addition to providing comprehensive handy service for the public, the platform is also able to create a lot of work opportunities for disable families, poor families to improve their quality of life.
Lehu network plans to open more than 100 community service platforms in Yangzhou Wenchang and other communities before the end of the year, service terminal system will achieve a coherent supreme service experience both online and offline.

In the conference, Huiyin Lehu network showed a new kind of business model that combines society and economic benefits, this model can not only bring people convenience and benefits you can see and touch, but also ease the employment pressure effectively, reduce security costs, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, it plays a unique and constructive role in building a harmonious society and realize common prosperity.

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