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020 communications era thinking

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Every enterprise craves responsible employees, every boss favor employees with abilities; every employee wants to be important employees. Then, what kind of employees are good employees? With such thoughts, under the guidance of the leaders, Human Resource Management Center jointed Huiyin Communication Technology Co., Ltd. held a " 2014 first comprehensive capacity building of communications personnel training of Huiyin Group." in November 4, 2014.

Teachers are vice president Xu Rui, two professional telecommunications teachers from China Unicom and China Telecom, and marketing experts Mr. Gao. Through case studies, PPT, scenario simulation, etc., they shared courses like "Huiyin communication market development planning "," operator tariff packages marketing "," vivid display of cell phone stores "," mobile phone salesman confidence and performance training ".

Employees learned a lot through this training, we hope that all employees can learn something, apply what they have learned into practice, and enhance their professional skills and store communications sales effectively through this training.

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