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Huiyin convenient service outlets soared 15000

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Population aging is the inevitable trend when the society develops to a certain stage, China has been in the early stage of the aging society, and it will become the largest country in the global market in potential aging industry. Aging industry is the basic, strategic and pillar industry under the conditions of an aging society, aging consumer is the new growth engine of China's future economic development.

In order to develop community e-commerce, Huiyin Household Appliances (Holdings) Co., Ltd, works with Aging Industry Association of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu TV Cloud Media 961 to build the "cloud" services platform, providing a full range of new health lifestyle for 14,947,900 elderly pensions in the province,to achieve happy retirement, health pension, safe consumption. On December 7, 2014 at the headquarters of Yangzhou Huiyin Group, the tripartite cooperation signed a cooperation agreement on ageing industrial cooperation, officially launched services for the old within the province. Jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Committee member, director of the Provincial Office on Aging, Aging Industry Association chairman Zhang Jianping, director of Jiangsu Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Li Jin. Cloud Media TV CEO Xu Weiwe,i Yangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau deputy director Chen Xiaoxing, director of Yangzhou Office on Aging Zhai Jianghuai, Huiyin Group Chairman Cao kuanping attended the signing ceremony.

Huiyin • 961 home care service center adheres to the concept of cultural endowment , community-based, follow the principle of service for the elderly " caring, honest, communication, service," through the implementation of " one card, one network, one file section, one activity, one team, one base" of standardization, innovation-oriented operation, integrates various types of community resources to provide safe shopping, housekeeping services, sports and entertainment, and health services for the elderly at home, to promote " the elderly economy "development, promote the life quality of older people.

Huiyin E-commerce Company will set up information terminals, electronic containers in 15,000 community home care service centers of the province, and through the community, the old university, retired officers, retired administration center, old-related associations, old people sports association and other organizations to send old membership cards issued jointly to develop the old members, apply 961 cloud media platform Jiangsu TV publicity for the elderly to provide shopping, lotter , medical, travel, financial, health care and other services online and offline for the old people , and by old people TV shows, public community lines, sports competitions and other activities to rich their leisure life.

Huiyin • 961 home care service center also cooperates with Aging Industry Association of Jiangsu Province to set up a " Culturally Supporting the Aged Research Center", coordinate with the elderly university courses, regularly hold elderly health lecture, wealth management, sports and arts activities to promote the province cultural dimension of elderly care and community e-commerce development.