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China Mobile and Hui Yin Cooperate to Build Intelligence Communities

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On May 12, China Mobile and Hui Yin signed a cooperation agreement to realize resource sharing, and expand cooperation in mobile business, informatization and the construction of community culture.

China Mobile is Chinese largest mobile communications operator; it is the tycoon of mobile Internet services and has huge offline resources and hundreds of millions of customers in the Yangtze River Delta. As a leader in o2o, a deep understanding of Internet + will provide convenient community access services for all enterprises to enter into communities.

The collaboration with China mobile means to build "Huiyin mobile intelligence community shop" to an experience platform of life service, financial planning, entertainment and public business; China Mobile will provide information technology solutions and large data services.

Two parties announced that they will make use of Huiyin o2o platform and mobile offline outlets, launch home services and introduce services like nail beauty, foot bath, laundry, housekeeping, designated drivers, cook, car maintenance, extend experience and consumer service to home life, provide both users with more diverse needs of life.

The essence of o2o community is "business to family", its core competence is to make residents feel convenient, Hui Yin needs to tap and satisfy the needs of family life all segments of the market.

Experts believe that with the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, people's basic necessities of life, home life will become more and more convenient. The cooperation between Huiyin and China Mobile is bound to inject more powerful technology and user resource to Huiyin 1280HK o2o community, the value of both sides will get rapid ascension.