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Jiangsu Huiyin Lottery Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: Huiyin Lottery ) was established in June 2014 with a registered capital of 60 million yuan, under the name of Hong Kong listed company--Huiyin Household Appliances co., LTD [HK1280], we are its wholly owned subsidiaries. Huiyin lottery has reached a framework agreement in 2014 with Jiangsu Welfare Lottery Center, Sports Lottery Center and Anhui Welfare Lottery Center, Sports Lottery Center to sale China welfare lottery and China sports lottery.

Huiyin lottery relates to business include network platform, mobile phone client, offline physical store. The network platform and Huiyin Lehu lottery network ( are the leading parts, officially launched in September 19, 2014, involving sales of welfare lottery and sports lottery and other more than 20 kinds of lottery. Huiyin lottery mobile phone APP client and HuiYin Lehu lottery network go on-line synchronously; IOS version of apple and Android mobile phone version of the APP client have been released. Offline physical shops were established in June 2014, we expect to build 5000 to 10000 franchisers in the next two years.

We will take full advantage of industry background and advantages of Huiyin Group, based on existing resources of Huiyin Group to promote the integration of online and offline, we commit to built it to be Chinese largest O2O lottery trading platform.

Huiyin develops O2O lottery innovative business with several distinct advantages: First, the number of stores and customers. Huiyin has 2772 retail outlets and stores and more than 1.7 million loyal customers, 300,000 customers Lehu network online, equipped with O2O innovation inherent advantages. Second, government support. Huiyin brand has a good reputation in the industry, cooperation with provincial lottery center, continue to expand the scope of cooperation, these business development gained the support of relevant government departments. Third, management and technical support. Huiyin has a mature business management team and excellent technical support team; we have outstanding ability to integrate market, brand, technology, personnel and the like. We have every reason to believe that Huiyin O2O lottery sales platforms will inject new vitality into the industry, leading new direction of the future development of lottery industry.