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Huiyin Business School was founded in 2010, covers an area of 100 acres, located in Huiyin E-commerce Creative Park. Holding the idea of creating a characteristic business school, it has become a solid platform for Huiyin training after several years of development,

Huiyin Business School adheres to the purpose of "people-oriented", bases on the development of corporate strategy; cultivates "professional, professional" talents.

Huiyin Business School promotes four spirits of "dream, passion, creativity, and sense of responsibility", it is committed to developing middle and senior managers, training more outstanding entrepreneurs and reserve personnel.

Huiyin Business School has Shop Manager Training College, Blue-collar Entrepreneurship Classes College, Boutiques Entrepreneurship Classes College, Manage and Training Class, Leadership Training Class, Cabinet Chief Training Class.

Huiyin Business School has 8 multimedia classrooms, reading room and other classrooms, holding 500 people to learn, interact, discuss at the same time.