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Project introduction

 Huiyin Lehu- O2O community life network supplier. Huiyin online service platform brings together products and services that closely related to daily life for common people , covering 10 major aspects like food, drink, travel, music, shopping, medicine, fees, teaching, housing, and transportation, basically meets the needs of more than 90% families. Meanwhile we establish O2O service outlets in communities, as delivery points, direct-sale points of strongly needed products, convenient service points for online products and service. Through connection of online and offline, people can order while staying at home, home delivery for neighborhoods, fresh, healthy and cheaper. Before the end of 2014, we will set up 100 convenient service points around the city, creating a new consumption concept for communities.


Project Benefits

 1. Farm products like vegetables are free and cheap, all come from pollution-free bases: daily vegetable offered by Huiyin Lehu all come from pollution-free, green and organic agricultural bases like Yangzhou Jiangdu Xiaoji, Shatou, goods are fresh and the price is more than 20 percent lower than the market price. If residents ordered former day, we will pick and deliver the same day, truly achieves daily vegetables send from farms to the table, to houses freshly.
2, e-commerce intellectual operation: install intelligent online shopping distribution cabinets and intelligent order, payment terminal system in convenient service points, after people order online or at intelligent terminal system, within a specific time, delivery personnel will send ordered goods to intelligence community collect cabinet in convenient service points, users can enter personal information to get purchased goods from the collection cabinet.
3, provide free appliance repair service for community residents: Residents who order at Huiyin, in addition to major parts outside, will enjoy free repair,; solve community appliance repair problems for the communities.