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Yuan Boxian (Yuan Li)
Board of Directors of Huiyin Smart Community Co., Ltd. (HK01280)

Contemporary China is a China that has achieved great rejuvenation. The growth of per capita GDP, the emergence and application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, and the birth of new ideas and concepts are all signs of rapid progress and development. The collision between traditional retail and the Internet brought a big reshuffle of the retail industry, business model, service ecology, and industrial structure. The retail industry faces unprecedented opportunities and huge challenges. Huiyin(Huiyin Smart Community Co., Ltd.) is standing at the door of opportunity and challenge. Innovation is the consistent and the only choice for Huiyin.

In 1993, Huiyin was officially established. Since its inception, Huiyin has been adhering to the concept of intensive cultivation, down-to-earth, and win-win cooperation. It has persisted in the innovation route and actively explored the development path of China's retail industry. In the process of growing up, Huiyin worked closely with major brand product manufacturers to keep forging ahead, and successfully explored the "Huiyin model" of home appliance chains. In 2010, Huiyin was successfully listed in Hong Kong. In 2011, Huiyin entered the transition period and determined to become the largest regional e-commerce service platform for community life in China. Since then, Huiyin has integrated online and offline services with front-end services as its core, fully integrating back-end suppliers, warehousing, logistics, and big data..... Successfully exploring the path of the Internetization of traditional retail and created a more convenient, cheaper and safe consumer environment for consumers.

Today, as the chairman of the Board of Directors of Huiyin, I will continue to lead the path of innovation for Huiyin and focus on exploring new directions for the development of China's retail industry. We will further change the service concept and upgrade "service consumers" to "operating users." We are no longer purely high-quality suppliers, but think from the perspective of users' family members. We thoroughly penetrate every contact point in the user's life, and act as builders and participants of a happy life. The needs of users are our only goal. With this as a goal, Huiyin's corporate strategy, organizational structure, and service logic... The entire service system will be fully upgraded to meet the “new retail era” under the new situation!

"Brand, responsibility, innovation, and win-win" are our core values. We will continue to innovate, take science and technology as a means and service as the core, link more upstream and downstream, and jointly create a new ecological model for China's retail industry. In the new stage of development, "Never Forget Why We Started and Move Forward Bravely". New era, new Huiyin, new journey, new glory!